Beyond the Limits

Yes,... I did it AGAIN!!!

My 1st book (
The Next Level: A Game I Had To Play!),.. a 2012 self-published autobiography,. is currently in pre-production for a feature film. (Click Relentless). 'RELENTLESS'.

Though I don't consider myself as being an 'Author', I got inspired.. again to write a 2nd book (Beyond The Limits:finding my purpose)The concept of my new book is an overall recap of my life journey... but the primary mission in this particular project is to share specific things (components) that helped me persevere through some of the most unthinkable obstacles! I also shared components from 3 amazing individuals; their stories have elements within their journeys that are parallel to some of the things I went through, thought about.. and had to overcome. My hope is that this project is viewed as a 'Self-Help'.

My one and only mission regarding my projects is to help change and save as many lives I possibly can before leaving this earth; that is my purpose for being here!                                                                                       

  I plan on leaving here with 'EMPTY' pockets!